What is TriEveryDay4Snowy?

TriEveryDay4Snowy is an ongoing commitment that was conceived as a personal coping strategy but has become something that I hope can spread positivity and hope for others facing similar circumstances. 


April Marathons

April is a big month for us. Snowy will hit 5 yrs old and Posy will end the month with her 3rd birthday. Sandwiched between these celebrations will be some serious running. Firstly, we will both take on the Brighton Marathon.  Polly made her marathon debut last year in Brighton with an incredible run of 3:38. We will once again run together. A week later, I will go to London in search of a sub 3 hr 


Future Events

Art show- During her time both in and out of hospital, Snowy has been busy creating the most wonderful pieces of art.  We will bring these together to present an exhibition not to be missed.

Watch this space for details and future events.


Why Tri?


How should you react?  My worst nightmare has just become a reality.  Cancer?  October 3rd was spent stumbling from one conversation to the next about how my 4 year old daughter has been diagnosed with RMS, a rare childhood cancer. October 4th was the start of our new life and there was only one way to start it, by running.  I love running but I also love swimming and cycling.  So on that first day, I completed an Olympic Triathlon to try and find a better place.


The first few days passed.  We were shell shocked but busy making plans for treatment.  The triathlons kept happening, not with any long term agenda, and certainly not taking time away from the girls.  This meant very long days but it seemed to be getting me through. I was feeling strong and positive.  It did however feel like a short term coping strategy.  I was having to swim in pools near the hospital or even spend 40 minutes in the harbour waters to keep the distance each day. The 40k bike ride was miserable each night in the dark and the run was often just a stumble on tired legs.

Present and future

Today marked 114 Olympic Triathlons in 114 days since diagnosis.  Each day, I swim, run and bike.  It was initially for self preservation, but now it is about a commitment.  A commitment to the families who are in our situation.  A commitment to Snowy, Posy and my incredible wife, Polly.  We will beat this and I will do a daily triathlon until we do.  Two of my heroes have already agreed to join me on one of my triathlons in April.  Jonny Brownlee, fresh from the Commonwealth games in Australia will swim with me in late April and then, the most heroic cyclist of our time, Mark Beaumont, will cycle with me for TriEveryDay4Snowy.  Mark recently smashed the World Record by cycling around the world in 80days. PLEASE JOIN ME and make this the biggest and most important triathlon ever.