When you are told your child has cancer, your life is shattered into 1 million incomprehensible pieces. 


And then you simply have to begin what feels like the impossible task of reconstructing that picture of life you had before cancer.


Your future is changed forever, in so many different ways.  How?  We’re not so sure yet so we take each day as it comes and enjoy every second together.


Meet Snowy


My name is Snowdrop. I am 4 yrs old.  I am adventurous, kind and loving  (I especially love my little sister, Posy)  I really like going to school, watching Horrid Henry and doing art.  When I am a big girl, I am going to be an artist.  


In September 2017, I was diagnosed with Rhabdomyosarcoma (I hope you are impressed that I can spell that word) This is a cancer that affects 4 in 1 million children. The doctors removed the big nasty lump and I then started chemotherapy. I am just like all of the other children in my class except they all have hair, and at the moment, I don't ! Soon I will go to America to have Proton Beam therapy. 


Please spend a few minutes to read more and understand what this is all about.  I have a strong feeling you will enjoy becoming part of our team.

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