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End of treatment = Last Triathlon


Snowy completes her 9th and final round of chemo this weekend. Celebrate with us on Saturday morning in Bosham. Coinciding with a tidy finish to the triathlon run, we will finish together, as the team that we have become. Triathlon 200 in 200 days since treatment kicked in will end on Bosham Meadow at approx 10am

Why join us?


Simply because Snowy deserves it ! I continue to struggle, trying to work out how she has done it, with an omnipresent smile. Yes, she has had low days. But she always bounces back stronger and with Posy propping her up when she needs it, Snowy has navigated her way through more scary situations and procedures than any child should have to experience.

The Details


If you want to run 10k and can hold 6min/km join us at Critchfield Rd in Bosham ready to start running at 9:00am. Otherwise, be on Bosham Quay Meadow ready to start jogging/walking/skipping/swimming/scooting/cycling/space hoppering at 9:30am. From there you can do anyrhing between 0-4km and celebrate the end of treatment 

Snowy Updates

Long Overdue Report


Our last update signed off with a picture from Neptune Beach in the Florida sun.  I am writing this after a grey Saturday spent in St Richards hospital. Snowy admitted with fever, but all is ok.  So let me give you a flavour of the last few weeks...

Treatment 14-20


Early morning visits to University of Florida Health Proton Beam Institute (really need to find a catchier name) continued, and Snowy negotiated the final treatments in her way...with style!

Big Morning


An emotional drive along the Interstate 92.  Last day of proton treatment and finished off with breakfast, waffles and Mimosas, of course.

Signing off in Jacksonville


FL, USA has been good to us and we have made the most of our time here.  Here, Posy proudly displays her first ever medal.  It is for the 1 mile Junior Gate River Run but should actually be for the 'Best Sister Ever'

The next chapter


Off the plane and into the snow, we are ready for the next stage.  Chemo will finish in the next few weeks and we prepare for the months ahead.

Thank you and on we ALL go!


TrIEveryDay4Snowy is a growing team.  We want to do more than raise money (don't stop donating!)  Getting out and about makes everyone feel better.  For every one of you who have walked/jogged/pedalled/sat-up/doggy paddled/rowed/scooted, you have made us stronger, you have made Snowy stronger and I am convinced, you feel stronger.  Now go and spread the word.

Snowy Updates

Jacksonville Living


Unbelievably, 2 weeks since the last update but here we are! Probably a good sign as it confirms that we have made the best of life here in Jacksonville.  An incredible city with much to explore.  Here is a fine bookstore where we have spent a couple of mornings drinking coffee and dusting off some interesting reads.

Positive about Protons


I am confident that one person ( at least) will understand that heading.  Anyway, Snowy continues to wow us all in her approach to treatment. Here you can see 'waffle face'  It is a a result of being in the mask for the time it takes for the dose to be given.  Posy heard the term 'waffle face' once, and now affectionately uses it every time Snowy returns from the proton room.

UFH Proton Institute


The positive atmosphere at UFH and the warmth of its employees has been huge. Wonderful people (like Dominic pictured here) have ensured that the girls feel safe and happy.  This photo was a treatment where Snowy momentarily wobbled but as usual, Posy insisted that she should get on with it!  Dom was there to help out, such a beautiful man amongst many other true angels.

Early starts


With Snowy in the Proton Beam room early each day, we have morning drill now sorted.  It often requires a diversion to the mouthwatering Liberty bakery or the less than mouthwatering Speedway garage.  Either way, on more than one occasion, Posy has ended up wandering around the reception room without any trousers

Weekend rewards


With so much hospital, it was important to make the most of a Friday closure and have a long weekend away.  WE DID DISNEY !

So, on we go!


Day by day....tackling this as we do.  Snowy and Posy will be up tomorrow morning for treatment (number 14)  We then have a meeting at Neptune Beach with Donna Deegan.  A pool party in the afternoon and triathlon 148 to squeeze in  somehow.

Snowy Updates

More hospital


In our last update, you will have seen that the best part of our first week was spent in hospital.  This next week was looking more open so the 2 hour eye exam was no problem and showed nothing to worry about in terms of function of the eye that was operated on.

Fever strikes


But then, as has been the norm for mid cycle of a chemo round, Snowy was admitted for another two days.  A US highway speedy drive as her temperature rose, worthy of an action movie trailer, got her to Wolfson Childrens hospital again and it was another 48 hrs of isolation.

Bouncing back on the beach


Throughout the last sixth months, one of the stand out things, is how Snowy gets out of hospital and makes sure she gets on with it.  Off to the beach for Starbucks and sandcastles

Race weekend


Jacksonville had been taken over by a weekend of running.  The DONNA foundation is an incredible set-up, little did we know how much we would become a part of it.  Here Snowy writes her name on the board which Polly would later run past on mile 12 of the half marathon that she completed on Sunday.  Yes, emotional !

Treatment number 2 done


Snowy was the only patient today at the Proton Beam Institute dressed up for a wedding.  But that's how she rolls.  We are incredibly proud of how she has managed this new programme.  I cannot explain the bravery it has taken on her part but she is now on count down and that is a major step closer.

Adapting to America


Treatment on Monday morning was a little tense so we felt the need for a serious breakfast.  America delivered.

Snowy Updates

Safe Flight


Very hectic change over at JFK but arrived in Jacksonville with no major dramas

First Morning


A quick run to check out our new neighbourhood.  Donuts and ice lollies before heading into hospital

Chemotherapy Round


48 hrs of chemotherapy begin.  As usual, Posy is right there to get her sister through it

Proton Beam Institute


Following 3 nights in Wolfson hospital for chemo, Snowy is then whizzed off to the Proton Beam Institute where she meets her new doctors

Mask Fitting


Snowy found out about the mask fitting process by having a go on her hand.  

The Finished Product


Snowy displays her new accessory which will ensure that she is perfectly still through the treatment.  

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